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Birth Doula Care

I love being a birth doula because it feels like a gift every time a family invites me to participate in their birth. There is nothing more beautiful than helping people welcome the newest members of their family. As your birth doula, I will support you and your loved ones by providing evidence based information and compassionate care as you move through your pregnancy and the birth of your child.

Private Childbirth Classes and Baby Care Workshops DC Metro Area

“Malika supported my husband and me through the birth of our first child, which was an unexpectedly early, long, and grueling. She offered caring, empathetic and expert support, allowing my husband and mother to be fully there for me. She had a seemingly endless “bag of tricks” for comfort measures, and was an advocate for me in the hospital setting.”
– Megan Broderick

What can you expect from me as your birth doula?

Before my baby’s birthdate

We will have 1 or 2 virtual prenatal visits via zoom. During these visits, we’ll do our best to get to know each other and to discuss your labor preferences, newborn procedures, labor positions, relaxation tips, and what to expect when labor begins so you can stay relaxed and confident during your birthing time. After you hire me, I offer unlimited email and telephone/text support from your point of purchase. Then beginning at week 37 of your pregnancy, I clear my schedule so that I can be 24/7 on-call for you.

On my baby’s birthdate

I offer virtual labor support via FaceTime or Zoom. Generally, people call at the start of labor while they are still at home. We will check-in periodically throughout your labor to offer troubleshooting and adjustments to comfort measures as needed. I will also be available to help you decide when it’s the best time to transition to the birth center or hospital if you’re not planning to birth at home. I will be available to answer questions as you reach decision crossroads along the way.

If you’re planning a homebirth, people often call me before they’re ready for their midwives to arrive. It’s totally up to you and when you think you’ll need my support.

After my baby’s birthdate

Immediately following birth I will virtually coach you through introducing your baby to your chest/breast so you may begin a successful breastfeeding journey. I will also arrange one (1) postpartum check-in to discuss your birth and your adjustment to new parenthood. In this visit, I can provide you with additional resources/community supports you may need.

heartstone“9 weeks into our pregnancy my wife had high risk complications. At 12am I called Malika telling her the news. She was so calming, caring, and prepared that she gave me the confidence to go back in the hospital room and be the Superman my wife needed me to be.”
-Russ Wall

Services Update

As of June 1, 2020 I am no longer accepting in-person birth clients. If you are interested in virtual support or if you need assistance finding a doula in the DC Metro area, particularly a Muslim or a doula of color, please email me.
Former birth clients may reach out to me for special consideration. Otherwise, please consider taking one of my classes.

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Birth Doulas,Partners and Other Loved Ones

I often get asked, “If my loved ones will be there, do I need a doula?” The answer to that question is entirely up to you!

As your doula, my job is to work with any partner or loved one that you invite to your birth. I collaboratively work with moms, dads, partners, friends and whomever else you choose to share this experience with. I help your loved ones to find their role in supporting you in a way that suits their strengths and comfort levels. My role is not to replace any of your loved ones but, instead, to enhance their participation in your experience.

Doula Care Service Area

The DC Doula serves families in the DC Metro Area in the following counties: Arlington County, Fairfax County, Prince Georges County, Montgomery County and Washington, DC. Portions of Charles County and Howard County are also served. If you don’t see your county listed and are interested in working with The DC Doula, please contact me at

Washington D.C. Birth Doula“As a guy going into the delivery room it was intimidating. Having a professional Doula like Malika takes the pressure off of you so you don’t need to know everything. Thanks to Malika I was able to properly support my wife during labor.”
– Yahya John Leigh

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